1x1s Series, 2017

Recently, I’ve been doing these quickly-made, square-format, digital works that have been a pastiche of digital and scanned analog photographs, processed with modern editing programs to make ingenuine homage to older process’. These have included text and formatting drawing from anything from scripts to television captioning.

Growing increasingly interested with methods of translating, transcribing, and re-presenting, I am redoing my own works by mixing together more disparate systems of meaning with the goal of ultimately trying to transform the initial series.

In keeping with digital media, I have taken the originals, translated the titles of them into ASCII binary as well as Hexadecimal. Then I’ve further translated the Hexadecimal as color codes that Photoshop uses producing new presentations of the original.

Now, I humbly present and re-present what I’ve been going on about. This is my 1x1s series, as information, as Hexadecimal, re-presented.

I think that I might consider these all the same piece, though I’m not sure.


HATFUL OF HOLLOW as information
HATFUL OF HOLLOW as hexadecimal
TURN ON as information
TURN ON as hexadecimal
DOOR BELL RINGS as information
DOOR BELL RINGS as hexadecimal
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