Story of Learning How to Marble Paper, 2015

The idea behind the piece was that I was to make a single sheet of 18 x 20 (in.) marbled paper per day across a span of 30 days. I would make no other sheets outside of this project during that time. The first sheet in the this slideshow, 1, is the first sheet that I had ever made using this technique. By doing one per day over a longer length of time, I am hoping to convey the narrative of myself learning about this technique of paper marbling without having any sort of traditional content. In fact, marbled paper is usually used for covering a book rather than being part of its contents. I’ve made it solely the contents.


In keeping myself adhered to the strict one sheet per day, there was bound to be a few days when I didn’t make the best work. These sheets were to be put into the book anyway as a mark of necessary failures that occur along the path of learning.


One might notice that there are only 12 pages. That is not because I am still making them, but because the carrageenan water I was using for these went bad and I had to skip a day. To maintain personal integrity, I stopped the production of more sheets at that point because if I was to convey the story of me learning this technique, I find it extremely fitting that I would have to admit my inexperience and call it off because I didn’t know how to properly maintain the water.